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Tile and grout cleaning in Rockland Ma

Cleaning tile on your own is a tough job. It is almost impossible to remove all of the dirt that gets trapped in your grout. Over time this dirt will build up in the grout lines of your floor leaving it looking old, warn and dirty. Professional tile and grout cleaning can remove this deep set dirt leaving your floors looking new again. We use a hot water cleaning and extraction method along with a floor cleaning machine to clean deep down in the grout to remove tough set in dirt.  We then seal the grout to add a protective layer over the grout to keep dirt out and keep your floors looking cleaner longer. This cleaning will also remove bacteria that gets trapped in your floors to make for a much healthier environment for you, your family and your pets. Here at Town and Country we have been in the cleaning business for over thirty years. Give us a call to schedule your tile cleaning today! We are located in Rockland Ma and serve the South shore from Boston to Cape Cod and surrounding areas.