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Tips to keep your upholstery looking new longer in Hingham, Ma




Face it your upholstered furniture in your home gets a lot of use and because of this you really should maintain proper care of it. Below are some tips to keeping your upholstered furniture looking newer longer.


1st you can gently brush your upholstery with a soft bristled brush to remove any surface dirt, dust or hair. Gently run the brush over the upholstery to loosen any dirt.


You should also vacuum your upholstery on a regular base. This will remove dirt, dust mites and pet hair that can get trapped in the surface of your upholstery between cleanings, after gently brushing your upholstery you can vacuum with an upholstery tool attachment. This will help remove these pollutants and keep them from being embedded in the material.


Another thing you can do is flip your cushions regularly. This will help to maintain the shape of your cushions and keep them from getting worn down on one side.


Cleaning your upholstered furniture on a regular base is also important. Professional cleaning remove deep down set in dirt mildew and odors that can be caused by spills, sweat or even your pets. When having your upholstery cleaned you can also apply a fabric protector when finished cleaning. This will add a protective barrier to your furniture and help reduce the moisture that can seep below the surface and make it easier to remove any stains.


Following these tips will keep your upholstery looking great and extend the life of your furniture.


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