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Tips for removing stubborn substances and

stains from your carpet In Scituate, Ma

There are many substances that can either stain or damage your carpets. Below are some examples of how to remove some of these stains and substances from your carpet between professional cleanings

♦Candle Wax

Candle wax can become a problem very quickly as when spilled it dries almost Immediately and leaves a sticky residue that clings to your carpet fibers. To remove the wax from your carpet we    suggest you slightly dampen a white cotton towel fold in half and place over the area  where the wax has spilled. You can then place an iron over the cloth for a few seconds and the heat will draw the wax from y our carpet fibers. Be careful to set the iron on a medium setting to start as to not scorch the carpet. You can repeat the process until all the wax has been absorbed into the towel. You can also use a   hair dryer if you are worried about burn marks. To do this place a paper towel over the area and set the heat to high on your dryer. Hold the dryer over the paper towel and the wax should start to cling to the paper towel. Repeat with a fresh paper towel as needed until all wax has been removed..2.


Coffee can leave a nasty brown stain on your carpet. To remove coffee blot up as much as possible as soon as the spill occurs. Once this has been done you can mix 1 cup of warm water, ½ tablespoon of white vinegar and ½ tablespoon of liquid dish detergent, Apply to a clean white cloth and apply a little at a time to the affected area. Once applied blot with a dry cloth until the stain disappears.  Repeat if necessary. 


Gum can easily get trapped in the fibers of your carpet but is very easily removed. To remove gum you can simply use ice. Place ice in either a dry white facecloth or in a plastic bag. Hold the ice over the gum until it begins to harden. Once hard you can scrape gum off with a scraper tool or a butter knife. gently scrape as to not damage the carpet fibers. Once all of the gum has been removed you can spot clean the area if needed with a carpet spot remover.



Remember if you have trouble removing these stains give us a call at Town and Country with any questions you may have @ 508-747-0896. If all else fails we can come out to clean the affected area for you!

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